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Custom Iron-On Patches

Custom Iron-On Patches

Express your style effortlessly with our Custom Iron-On Patches at Primely Productions Designed for convenience and personalization, these patches offer a hassle-free way to add flair to your clothing and accessories. Whether it’s logos, designs, or statements, our customization options cater to your unique expression. Easy to apply with a simple ironing process, these patches adhere securely to various fabrics, making them a versatile accessory for personal and promotional use. Our commitment to quality ensures that each patch is durable and long-lasting, adding a touch of individuality to your fashion statement. Contact us for a consultation and discover the seamless possibilities that Custom Iron-On Patches bring to effortless and stylish customization.

Custom Iron On Patches

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Custom Patches Exclusively Crafted for You!

Embrace your uniqueness! Your Custom Iron-On Patches design has limitless possibilities.

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Motorcycle Patches

No Harley Davidson ride is complete without a personalized motorcycle patch. Discover a myriad of options to craft a truly unique patch that befits the open road.

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Military Patches

Each personalized military patch is crafted with profound respect and gratitude for our dedicated service men and women. Regardless of your military branch, a tailor-made patch is a fitting addition to your uniform.
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Sports Patches

Express your team spirit with a personalized sports patch like no other. Achieve a winning look with a custom-made patch, featuring a range of special options to suit your style.


Don’t hesitate—choose your preferences, upload your artwork, and let’s kickstart the creation of your personalized products.

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Embrace your uniqueness! Your custom patch design has limitless possibilities.

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Custom Iron-On Patch Tips

Ensure the suitability of the iron-on application method before placing your order:

While opting for iron-on patches offers ease of application and good durability, it’s crucial to assess whether this method is the right fit for your needs. Printed iron-on patches may not always be the most straightforward or resilient choice. Some may prefer manually applying adhesive patches, but this method often lacks durability. On the flip side, sewing a patch on provides the highest durability but requires a certain level of skill.

Evaluate the impact of customization options on the final result:

In the process of crafting your own iron-on patches, decisions regarding material, shape, size, custom images, and more are pivotal. While designing iron-on patches online offers great convenience, each design choice carries consequences for the end result. Take the time to deliberate and make informed decisions to create the perfect iron-on patch tailored to your specific requirements.

Prioritize patch maintenance for longevity:

While custom iron-on patches boast durability, the responsibility lies with you to ensure their longevity. Maintenance, especially proper cleaning, is vital to preserving the attachment to your bags or clothing. We provide comprehensive guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your patches, ensuring that their lifespan is maximized.


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