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Custom Military Patches

Custom Military Patches

Elevate the identity and camaraderie of your military unit with our Custom Military Patches at Primely Productions Meticulously crafted with precision and pride, these patches encapsulate the spirit of service, honor, and dedication. From unit insignias to specialized designs, we offer customization that reflects the unique ethos of your military branch or division. Our commitment to quality ensures durable, weather-resistant patches that withstand the rigors of duty. Whether worn on uniforms or used for commemorations, our Custom Military Patches stand as a symbol of unity and valor. Contact us for a consultation, and let us assist you in creating patches that honor the heritage and bravery of your military unit.

Custom Military Patches

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Embrace your uniqueness! Your Custom Military Patches design has limitless possibilities.

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Motorcycle Patches

No Harley Davidson ride is complete without a personalized motorcycle patch. Discover a myriad of options to craft a truly unique patch that befits the open road.

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Military Patches

Each personalized military patch is crafted with profound respect and gratitude for our dedicated service men and women. Regardless of your military branch, a tailor-made patch is a fitting addition to your uniform.
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Sports Patches

Express your team spirit with a personalized sports patch like no other. Achieve a winning look with a custom-made patch, featuring a range of special options to suit your style.


Don’t hesitate—choose your preferences, upload your artwork, and let’s kickstart the creation of your personalized products.

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Embrace your uniqueness! Your custom patch design has limitless possibilities.

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Tips For Custom Military Patches

Select a reliable method for applying military custom patches:

In the rigorous environment of military operations, the resilience of your uniforms is paramount. This extends to the custom squadron patches, which must endure challenging conditions. While our patches are designed for robustness, the attachment method plays a crucial role. Opt for enduring options like iron-on or sew-on patches to guarantee the patches’ longevity.

Customize every aspect of your design to suit your operational needs:

For your custom military patches to seamlessly integrate with active-duty uniforms, meticulous attention to detail is imperative. Ensure that the shape, design, and colors adhere to the prescribed standards. Bulk orders can be placed as needed, but it is crucial that each element meets the specified criteria for deployment.

Promote effective patch maintenance to extend their lifespan:

Despite being designed for maximum durability, the longevity of custom army patches relies on proper care. Pay meticulous attention to washing, drying, and storing the patches to maximize their lifespan. Through these measures, you can ensure the utmost value for your investment.


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